Energizing and Durable New Fire Station Supports Volunteers

The John Day area has a long history of severe fires dating back to the 1800s due to the warm, dry climate. In 1953 the John Day Fire Department was established, and today more than a dozen men and women volunteers serve the community. To support their growth, Pinnacle began working with the city to design the building and help secure funding. The citizens of John Day showed their commitment to the $1.5m project by passing a 15-year bond to help support the construction of the new fire station. The additional funds needed were obtained through private grants.

This project has been a long time coming for us. What an improvement for our community. The staff and entire project team put in a lot of hard work, and the result is a beautiful and functional building.” — Peggy Gray, (retired) City Manager, City of John Day

The space houses the John Day Rural Fire Protection District, the volunteer fire personnel and equipment, offices, and a training/community room that is open to the public and free for non-profit use. Pinnacle’s design focused on safety with efficient circulation and accessibility and affordability with low maintenance/high durable materials for longevity. The interiors are resilient and energizing reflective of the men and women who volunteer their time.

Project Details


John Day, OR


10,189 SF


City of John Day and John Day Rural Fire Protection District




Private Foundation Grants

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