15May 2023

Matterport: A new tool in the toolbox

by Shaun Clifford, RA, Project Architect   The Pinnacle team has added a shiny new tool to our toolbox with Matterport - an innovative technology that allows architects to create highly accurate and immersive virtual [...]

15May 2023

PINNACLE PEOPLE: Featuring Emily Freed

Emily Freed has grit and a heart of gold. She manages projects with an eagle eye and commitment to excellence commended by clients she's had for over a decade. Read on to learn how Emily [...]

31January 2023

Working together to solve Bend’s housing shortage

Working Together to Solve Bend's Housing Shortage by Peter Baer, President   Born and raised in Bend, I have seen our city grow and change over the decades. However, in the last ten years, our [...]

15October 2022

PINNACLE PEOPLE: Featuring Yuko Mino

Yuko Mino joined Pinnacle in 2020 as a Project Designer. She loves to design and work collaboratively with her clients. During the day, she’s digging into project details; in the evening, she’s spending time with [...]

7September 2022

Aviva Health Center Opens New Teaching Clinic

Printed in the Cascade Business News on 9/22/22.  Build a Teaching Clinic, and They Will Come Rural America's lack of qualified providers continues to decline, directly correlating to a community's wellness. Like many rural communities [...]

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