Shaun embodies Pinnacle’s core value of collaboration. From day one, he’s jumped in on any project and continues to train and help staff daily. His great attitude and silly antics will definitely award him this year’s in-house collaboration award! We sat down with Shaun to find out more about his background and have a little fun.

You’ve lived coast-to-coast, most recently Boston. What brought you to Bend?
I grew up in Washington and went to OSU in Corvallis, Oregon for my undergraduate. When deciding what master’s program to pursue I decided to try out the east coast and relocated to attend Boston Architectural College. I worked in Boston for more than five years but was eager to get back to the Pacific Northwest to be close to family and for the recreational culture. That’s what led me to Bend.

As a Design Professional with Pinnacle, you help bring our designs to life through quality documentation. You’ve also been intimately involved in creating photo-realistic 3-D animations helping our clients visualize their projects. What’s your favorite part of the job?

Solving problems. Architecture is like a puzzle and you’re always looking for the correct fit. I also enjoy working with my teammates and our consultants to find the solutions to make the puzzle work. Architecture is definitely a team sport.

Maple Brook Terrace is a good example. It’s a large senior living community (150 homes) that are being integrated into a mid-size, historic city. Check out Shaun’s work on Maple Brook Terrace, a future independent living project in Mauldin, South Carolina.

What are you passionate about?

Becoming better in every aspect of my life and work. At work I’m passionate about looking at ways to make our projects more sustainable. At home, I enjoy outdoor activities and try to go on a different hike every weekend.

Pinnacle is a small firm that values its company culture. Any addition to our team must be the right fit – dedicated, creative, and collaborative. We asked Shaun a few fun questions to get to know him a little bit more:

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?
Mountain biking with friends and family.

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life and why?
Ryan Reynolds, he’s hilarious!

What motivates you to work hard?
Having a purpose. Doing something for the betterment of life.

What’s your favorite bumper sticker?
Bend Sucks, Don’t Move Here. Because it’s ironic and funny!



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