Pinnacle’s staff had a roaring good time at our holiday party on January 10. A 1920s themed murder mystery! We celebrated our year’s accomplishments, acknowledged our annual award winners, and solved a murder!

Here are some highlights…


Award Winners

Pinnacle’s annual employee awards are an important part of living our firm culture. They are voted on by the staff.

And the winners are….

  • Collaboration Award: Shaun Clifford and Melanie Whedon (tie!), for their amazing mentoring, patience on educating staff, and always willing to jump in on any project.
  • Integrity Award: Shaun Clifford, Project Designer, for his honesty and commitment to our clients and Pinnacle.
  • Innovation Award: Melanie Whedon, Project Architect, for her leadership and always looking for better ways to do inspiring work.

And the big kahuna award…

Overall Contribution to the Company Award: Jessica Biel, Business Development Director, for moving the company forward in operations, business development, human resources, and management.