Pinnacle Architecture’s 2019 Outlook for Affordable Housing, Healthcare, and Senior Living

By Peter Baer, Pinnacle Architecture President

2018 was a very interesting year for the country and our growing office. As our focus turns to the year ahead, we’re optimistic about the projects we have queued up and exploring design within our market types: multi-family housing, health care, senior living, and community-enhancing projects.

Affordable housing continues to be a national conversation. It’ll be important in 2019 for our communities to work together to ensure quality, and long-term housing is available for all. With the passing of Measure 102, the ability to use bond dollars for private/public housing projects, we look forward to helping Oregon’s local governments, and developers plan for more housing.

Healthcare design is rapidly changing due to technology advancements and limited funding. We’re seeing behavioral health being integrated into medical clinics to provide holistic care, especially in rural parts of Oregon. Telemedicine is changing how clinics function and the space that is needed. Mental illness and addiction are a national epidemic, and the need for behavioral health and rehabilitation services is on the rise. The areas required for this type of healing are unique. They must be warm, welcoming, and comfortable while being safe and secure. You must help empower the patients and provide a positive patient experience within the built environment while keeping staff safe and working efficiently and effectively. Behavioral health projects provide challenges and great opportunities for smart design decisions.

Senior living is continuing to grow and evolve with 10,000 baby boomers retiring daily. Future residents are more active and looking for purposeful engagement. They still want to be part of a larger community. The design of senior living facilities is following suit. We are providing more recreation space (e.g., biking, sports bars, pickleball courts, etc.) and designing communal living homes where residents are engaged in meal prep and daily tasks through open concept floor plans. Recruiting and retaining employees is one of the biggest challenges senior living owners are facing. Looking at your facility from a residents’ and employees’ viewpoint is essential. What design features and amenities can senior living integrate to help build a strong community culture?

It’s an exciting time for our firm, clients, and the communities we serve. Pinnacle is investing in our people and technology to grow our staff’s skills and talents. Communities are investing in facilities to help the health and wellbeing of their people. If we all stay focused on working together to enhance lives and communities, it’ll be another fulfilling year.

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