Reflection and Optimism

Like Heraclitus said, “change is the only constant.” In 2021 we continue to ebb and flow to respond to our society’s changing needs. Our industry always has new challenges, from looking at design through a COVID lens and maneuvering supplier issues to learning to work in a hybrid remote environment. But that’s what keeps life interesting and provides for opportunities.

Focusing on Permanent supportive housing (PSH) to Help Solve Oregon’s Houseless Situation.

Pinnacle is currently working on four PSH projects. PSH is one tool to alleviate homelessness and help some of our community’s most vulnerable. They are projects that combine affordable housing with onsite service providers. These projects are often geared towards moving houseless individuals into homes and providing them services. Services include everything from mental health and financial services to renters’ classes. These projects are very meaningful to our staff as they blend our affordable housing and community health expertise. For example, Bridges on Broadway in Eugene is transforming a former Red Lion into 51 units of permanent supportive housing. A new welcoming entrance, murals to connect to the neighborhood, and space for service providers will make this a place for new beginnings.

Bridges on Broadway
Bridges on Broadway in Eugene will move 51 individuals off the streets.

Responding to Infectious Disease Control in Community Clinics

At the onset of the pandemic, we looked at ways to create separation by rearranging lobbies and installing protective barrier systems. Today we’re helping community clinics design spaces specifically for infectious disease control. Currently under construction, a new community health clinic in Roseburg will be the hub for treating contagious diseases. The design considered patient and staff workflow to avoid cross-contamination, including a separate isolation entrance, lobby, and exam rooms. Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) and ultraviolet lighting disinfect and exchange air to improve indoor air quality. The design for both clinic areas brings in natural light and uses warm tones and materials to reduce stress and promote health.

Cow Creek North Clinic
Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Indians, Health and Wellness North Clinic, Roseburg, Oregon. 

Modernizing our Public Facilities to Support Growth

Central Oregon continues to grow at an above-average rate which puts more pressure on our public facilities. Pinnacle completed the renovation of three of Deschutes County’s courtrooms to improve accessibility, efficiency, and functionality. With the increase in virtual proceedings, our courts must provide an equitable experience while keeping staff safe. Crook County is also modernizing its facilities with a bond that passed in November for a new Justice Center. Our team is moving forward with plans for the new building to house all justice services from the Sherriff’s office to courtrooms and supporting spaces under one roof.

Crook County Justice Center
Crook County Justice Center in Prineville, is currently in design by Pinnacle + KMB Architects team.

We’re proud of the work we completed in 2021 and moving into 2022 with many critical projects in the process to enhance communities across Oregon. These past couple of years have taught us to be flexible and think about options and alternatives. Our team is vigilant on current trends and always has a plan B and a plan C in our back pockets.

Peter Baer, PresidentPeter is the principal architect and founder of Pinnacle Architecture. Founded in 1990, he has built the firm on the foundation of a solid commitment to continuous improvement and client satisfaction. His portfolio of work is vast and varied, and the theme of enhancing lives and communities has been a constant. Peter can be reached at (541) 388-9897×12 or Peter@parch.biz