Spread Kindness.

Here at Pinnacle, we pride ourselves on contributing to the built environment and catalyzing positive change in each community. This positivity has a ripple effect, part of which we are sending your way. So, this year, we are recognizing and celebrating your impact within your community. We see how you are tirelessly working to be a catalyst of improvement and are rooting for your success.

Alongside the architectural services you’ve grown to trust, our special focus this year is spreading kindness, and we invite you along on our journey. Spreading kindness can start with being kind to yourself, showing compassion toward a colleague, or sending a note to a project partner; the limits are boundless! Earlier this year, we sent stickers to many of our clients to remind you that your friends at Pinnacle are rooting for you – and provided a second sticker to pass along with the goal of causing a kindness ripple. Let’s spread the kindness!

We would love to see where you placed your ‘rooting for you’ sticker, post your picture on social media and tag us or email your photo to info@parch.biz. Check out some of our kindness swag in action…

If you would like to be included in the next parcel of positivity, be sure to sign up below.