Zack Williamson Headshot

Zack Williamson
Technical Drafter

Motivated to work in the built environment at a young age, Zack was inspired by his father, who worked as a draftsman for over three decades. He grew up in California, started his drafting career in Nevada, and has now landed in Vancouver, Washington. Zack’s five years of experience in architectural drafting, paired with the generational knowledge gained from his father, equip him with the ability to create illustrative and accurate drawings and renderings. He especially delights in three-dimensional modeling, finding value in transforming two-dimensional project drawings into interactive models that clients can explore virtually.

Outside work, Zack adores his dog and can often be found playing video games or playing music on the drums, guitar, or bass.

Facts about Zack

  • Joined Pinnacle: 2022
  • Years of experience: 5
  • Office Location: Portland