by Shaun Clifford, RA, Project Architect


The Pinnacle team has added a shiny new tool to our toolbox with Matterport – an innovative technology that allows architects to create highly accurate and immersive virtual models. So if you see a Pinnacle staffer toting the Matterport camera to your project site, rest assured that you will soon have an immersive virtual model of your building(s) that will lend to a more informed, collaborative, and impactful design than ever before.


What is Matterport?

Matterport is a 360-degree camera, laser, and software program that creates a 3D model of the physical environment. Using the 360-degree camera to capture an image of the physical environment, then relying on the laser to capture the distance of the images from the camera (distance points), the Matterport software combines both sets of data to stitch together a 3D model of the space – also called a point cloud – with an accuracy of up to 1/16″.

Dollhouse view of Jefferson County Fire & EMS taken to review existing conditions during the concept phase


What are the benefits to architectural design?

Since acquiring the technology in 2022, the Pinnacle team has leveraged Matterport on multiple renovation projects, from minor tenant improvements to extensive adaptive reuses.

Increased Efficiency. Before Matterport, the onset of an interior renovation project would task multiple staff to travel to the site to take manual measurements and mark up the existing documents – the bigger the space, the more staff needed. Utilizing Matterport, one person travels to the site to capture existing conditions more accurately, leaving less room for human error and more room in your budget. Having this detailed model early on gives the design team a general understanding of the placement of utilities and equipment and leaves less room for error in demolition.

Meticulous Accuracy. You might ask yourself why you need a Matterport scan if you already have as-built documentation. This is your friendly reminder that as-builts and existing documents only sometimes depict what has actually been constructed. Relying solely on potentially outdated existing documentation when planning a renovation can leave you vulnerable to errors and have ripple effects in design. Our team recently walked the space on a renovation project, and it appeared from spot checking the existing documents were accurate (before we invested in Matterport). However, once construction began, we found that an interior wall was 2 feet off from where it was in the existing drawings. The different conditions required a change order and some minor changes in design that we would have avoided if the building had been scanned with Matterport at the outset.

Virtual walkthrough and spot dimensioning on a warehouse in Central Oregon

Unlimited Access. Traveling to a project site to see existing conditions or make design decisions can be tedious, especially when a project is in rural Oregon. A Matterport scan allows owners, architects, engineers, and contractors to virtually ‘walk the space’ from their computer screen. While taking your virtual stroll through the site, you can take measurements as needed (i.e., door frames, wall height, etc.). The ability to access this detail is a game-changer throughout the design and construction process – gone are the days of a forgotten exhaust vent or a surprise sprinkler head.

Point-in-Time Imaging. Have you ever wished you could see through the building walls you plan to renovate? With Matterport, we can offer our clients just that. During construction, there is a short window of opportunity when mechanical, electrical, and plumbing have been installed, and the walls and ceilings have yet to be finished. With the M/E/P exposed, the Matterport can capture the exact location of all conduits, wiring, ducts, and plumbing lines. Fast forward to the future, when it’s time for a renovation or addition, the location and direction of materials can be dimensioned from the building’s point cloud – dramatically reducing demolition and installation materials and saving the client time and money.


Beyond Design and Construction

Although we focus on the nuts and bolts, there are more glamorous applications of Matterport. When a project is completed, our team can provide a Matterport scan to assist owners with their marketing efforts. A 3D virtual tour of a new space benefits multi-family or commercial space leasing.


See Matterport in action.

Our Bend office recently moved to a new space, and we invite you for a virtual tour. Forgive the boxes and blank walls; we are still getting moved in. Click the button below to navigate to the Matterport © website and tour our new office.


Are you interested in getting updated as-builts prior to a renovation project? Do you want to get a final scan of your project? Drop us a message – Contact.

Shaun Clifford HeadshotShaun Clifford, RA, Project Architect.

Shaun’s accuracy and great attitude add value to every project he touches. From developing concept renderings to creating documents to get them built, Shaun excels at delivering. He has a flair for technology and is exceptionally proficient with architectural software, having developed standards and trained staff. A real team player, Shaun’s dedication and desire to produce quality work and find creative, sustainable solutions is an invaluable resource for the firm. Shaun can be reached at (541) 388-9897 x19 or