Sunriver Public Safety Building

Combined fire and police facility that meets the needs of a growing community and matches the aesthetics of the region

The Sunriver Service District (SSD) provides police and fire protection for residents and guests of Sunriver, a resort community in Central Oregon. The full-time population is about 1,700, but during peak tourist times can swell to 20,000 or more. These ebbs and flows in population place a unique strain on the local fire and police district.

Up until now, the Sunriver Police and Fire departments have been operating out of two disparate, decades-old buildings that were both in need of updating due to wear and tear and changes in industry operational and safety standards. In collaboration with KMB architects, Pinnacle began working with SSD to create a feasibility study and support strategic planning efforts for updated facilities. After reviewing building deficiencies and analyzing site options, the design team decided to move forward with a major remodel and addition to the existing Sunriver Fire Station to create the Sunriver Public Safety Building, a combined Fire and Police facility. The combined facility will allow the fire and police departments to operate more efficiently by sharing resources such as administration/reception areas, a fitness room, and training/conference rooms.

The design of the new Sunriver Public Safety building was not only determined by the needs of the interior but by both the existing structure and site. Adhering to Sunriver’s aesthetic guidelines, the exterior focuses on natural materials carefully placed to define each break and extrusion from the building – helping to break down the scale and create a more welcoming façade.

The crux between the police department and shared resources reflects the natural bend in the road running along the current Fire House. Keeping with the natural landscape, the building appears to slope naturally with the site. It is imperative to maintain as much greenery and as many existing trees as possible to preserve the natural ambiance of the Sunriver community.

The new facility has received funding from Deschutes County excess Transient Room Tax dollars, a voter-approved 10-year Capital Improvement Levy, and existing reserves.

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Project Details


Sunriver, OR


11,667 SF


Sunriver Service District