Stabilization Center

The First in Central Oregon

One in five U.S. adults experiences mental illness each year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI). Pinnacle was chosen to bring the first stabilization center to Central Oregon. The center is designed for those experiencing a mental health crisis (e.g., psychosis, paranoia, abuse to self or others, etc.) to stabilize and receive treatment instead of being sent to jail or the emergency room.

The project includes the renovation of an existing brick building on Deschutes County’s Public Safety Campus. The design is focused on creating a safe, calming environment with an emphasis on patient and employee workflow. Two entrances were created – one for the public and one for law enforcement. The public entrance opens to a lobby where visitors can check-in and provides a safe barrier while they wait to be assessed. The law enforcement entrance leads straight to an intake space with easy access to the stabilization room after admitted. A one-way window allows staff to monitor patients in the stabilization room while deescalating and receiving treatment in a safe and comfortable space.

Project Details


Bend, OR


5,263 SF


Deschutes County


Behavioral Health

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