Re-purposing an Aging School into Senior Living

Richland is a small community of farmers with an aging population. Senior housing is scarce, and many older residents are moving 40+ miles away from their hometown to live out their lives. The community had a desperate need to preserve their town. They found a remarkable opportunity in a boarded-up elementary school in which Pinnacle transformed into a 10-unit senior/disabled housing and community center with a library and public meeting space.

“Peter is passionate about helping people. He helped us as a client and, at the same time, helped the community solve their problems.” – Dale Inslee, Executive Director, NEOHA

Designers focused on keeping the character of the space while creating a place where people wanted to be and reinforcing social interactions. Key design features included retaining the large windows and 10’ tall ceilings for spacious units, converting the outdoor overhangs into expansive patios, and creating a homey feel with sitting niches in the hallway to invite casual conversation. The project provided much-needed housing for its seniors eliminated $5,000 a year for the city in maintenance and created a community hub for the town.

Project Details


Richland, OR


9,976 SF, 10 Homes


Northeast Oregon Housing Authority


Senior Living

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