A New Way of Living for Seniors in Oregon

Lake Health District is taking a different approach to senior living in their south-central Oregon community with a new cottage modeled project. Transitioning away from an institutional, one-size-fits-all philosophy, these three cottages are moving towards “person-directed care” that emphasizes a meaningful life, empowers staff, and replicates the feeling of home. This new approach manifests in both operations and design. Pinnacle Architecture teamed up with SWBR Architects, a New York Green House specialist, and Adroit Construction to design this unique project that includes three individual cottages (two skilled nursing and one assisted living) that house up to 12 seniors each. Instead of a traditional group home, the clusters of smaller homes – provide intimacy and a comfortable setting. Each person has a private bedroom and bathroom that opens to a central Hearth Room (aka living room) with an open kitchen and dining room. The layout encourages residents to assist with cooking, cleaning, and daily operations to facilitate independence and self-worth. All spaces are designed with this in mind – the layout is simple for navigation, encourages social activity for both residents and staff, and the finishes throughout are warm and comfortable. Lakeview Gardens provides a healthier, livelier, and more meaningful environment for the seniors of Lakeview.

Photo Credit: Cheryl McIntosh

Project Details


Lakeview, OR


22,500 SF, 36 Rooms Designed; 15,000 SF, 24 Rooms Built


Lake Health District


Senior Living

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