Klamath Basin Behavioral Health Residential Treatment Center and Crisis Stabilization Center

A walkable behavioral health campus that promotes recovery

Klamath Basin Behavioral Health (KBBH) is a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic that serves Klamath County. Pinnacle has been working with the organization for nearly a decade to provide feasibility studies, renovations, and facilities assessments at multiple locations. Most recently, Pinnacle worked with KBBH to add a new residential treatment center and 5-chair crisis facility adjacent to an existing residential treatment center, Phoenix Place (a building that will later become a Secure Residential Treatment Facility).

The addition of the new building creates a walkable behavioral health campus while also considering the client’s plans for future growth and development. With an immediate need in the region, this project will double the number of residential treatment beds in Klamath County. The project will also bring the first Crisis Stabilization Center to the area, providing a much-needed service for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis and reducing the burden on local hospitals and jails.

The design focuses on the healing and overall well-being of patients and staff, offering a connection to nature through integrated walking paths with distance markers, a basketball court, outdoor seating areas, and a community garden. The new building’s exterior boasts a modern look with varying roof lines and exposed timber posts while prioritizing the client’s needs for a low-maintenance building that integrates into the existing neighborhood. Stone vernier at the building entrances and wood-like soffits at entry canopies create a welcoming appearance and establish exterior wayfinding.

Along with ample natural light, the interior spaces feature a warm color palette that thoughtfully mimics the region’s natural environment. The colors are weaved throughout the space through paint, luxury vinyl planks, wall coverings, and light fixtures. Acoustical wall panels, ceiling panels, and ceiling baffles dampen sound and offer soft textures to foster a sense of comfort and safety. Private rooms are designed to be comfortable and functional and equipped with Formica markerboard panels that allow residents to personalize their living spaces within therapeutic guidelines.

Collaboration has been key throughout this project, culminating in a design that promotes recovery, resilience, and community well-being.

Project Details


Klamath Falls, OR


13,386 SF
5 crisis stabilization chairs


Klamath Basin Behavioral Health


Community Health Clinic
Behavioral Health