Humane Society of the Ochocos Dog Wing

Modern and inviting dog wing, ensuring the safety and
health of shelter pets in Crook County

The Humane Society of the Ochocos is the only animal shelter serving Crook County. For years, the community has stressed that the existing shelter is inadequate for maintaining a healthy environment for the animals, running an efficient operation for the staff, and displaying the animals available for adoption.

A comprehensive Needs Assessment Study conducted by Shelter Planners of America (SPA) determined the need for a new, modern, welcoming shelter. This study, which took into account the anticipated community growth over the next 20 years, defined the program spaces and divided them into three feasible construction phases. The dog wing was identified as the most critical, followed by the cat wing and then the administration wing. The new facility will nearly double the kennel space to keep pace with the 47% population growth since the original building was constructed in 1995.

Inspiring the community to support and get involved has been instrumental to the success of this project. As grants have been historically difficult for the organization to secure based on criteria and competition, community support was critical to reaching the project’s fundraising goal. The design team consulted a community volunteer advisory committee throughout the design process to create a bridge between the design and fundraising efforts.

The design aims to provide a durable and appealing space that creates a sense of pride for employees and volunteers and, most importantly, houses shelter animals in the healthiest and least stressful manner possible. The new dog wing is positioned on the site to allow for the continued operations of the existing building. Still, it will eventually be highly visible from the street to create a modern, welcoming entrance to the shelter to inspire joy and excitement in the public upon arrival. The exterior of the building takes into account the owner’s specific needs, and it is designed with simple forms to reduce construction costs and durable materials that require minimal maintenance. Touches of faux wood and bold colors maximize visibility from the main road while leveraging an agricultural aesthetic with the building form to complement the surrounding developments.

The spacious and quiet lobby is flooded with natural light, which bounces off bright and playful colors and wood accents, creating a warm and inviting space. Clear sight lines and signage make the new dog wing easy to navigate and allow visitors to enjoy the companionship of the animals. The new shelter provides a modern grooming space and a dedicated dog receiving area to create a clear and intentional traffic flow within the facility and overall site.

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Project Details


Prineville, OR


6,115 SF


Humane Society of the Ochocos