Creating a Sense of Community

Crest Butte Apartments, designed for Section 8 lower-income families, provides a springboard for those who struggle to make ends meet. The renovation offers a sense of home that is welcoming, secure, and somewhere to be proud. By using budget-conscious materials, additional lighting, and native landscaping, this renovation transformed the former dark and sullen buildings into a home for residents within budget. Innovative design ideas include using concrete, fiber cement, and metal wiring in new and inventive ways. This design feature both provided security (eyesight through the wire trellis) as well as a masterful design element.

“It’s hard to believe it’s really the same building under there.” – Chrisman, Property Developer / Owner

The project is more than a renovation; it is about creating something more significant in our community. Harvesting this thought, we pushed to create a deep sense of place that gave back to its residence. It was about creating a home, a place they can be proud of.

“I love living here. And I love the remodel that happened.” – James, Resident of Crest Butte.

Photo Credit: Alan Brandt Photography

Project Details


Bend, OR


38,000 SF, 52 Homes, 5 Buildings


Chrisman Development


Affordable Housing


OHCS, USDA RD, Housing Development Grant

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