Community Counseling Solutions Boardman Regional Youth Sub-Acute Residential Facility

Beacon of hope for foster children with behavioral healthcare needs

The Boardman Regional Youth Sub-Acute Residential Facility, the first of its kind in the region, is a transformative residential facility designed to provide a safe, fun, and healing environment for children in crisis to stabilize and reintegrate into their families. The residential facility can home up to 14 children aged 7 to 11. Having provided behavioral health services in the region for decades, Community Counseling Solutions (CCS) recognized a need for a facility of this type – and this location is planned to help meet the needs of clients throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Pinnacle’s meticulous approach to this project began with an initial concept study and program development that laid the groundwork for a comprehensive site analysis. The design team reviewed six sites throughout Oregon to determine the most feasible development location based on zoning, utilities and existing conditions, target resident population, and target staffing population. With its proximity to arterial highways and existing CCS facilities, Boardman was chosen as the location of this life-changing facility.

The design is centered around creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for children. It includes dedicated spaces for recreational activities such as games, TV, and outdoor sports. Thanks to large windows, skylights, and solar tubes, the facility is bathed in natural light, creating a bright, inviting, and dignified temporary home for children. Using natural color palettes and child-size furnishings further enhances the warm and inviting atmosphere while meeting the licensing requirements and best practices for a youth residential treatment facility. A common color scheme is implemented throughout the facility and aids in wayfinding. Each residential wing has an assigned color—a design element especially important for children, as they can have difficulty reading signage. These same colors are used in shared spaces with resilient LVT flooring that mimics the look and feel of area rugs and runners, built-in seating nooks that provide diverse seating options, and modern anti-ligature fixtures.

The facility is equipped to host an array of therapeutic modalities, including an art therapy room (painting, sand), sensory/inspiration room (swing, bean bag, color-tuned lighting), telehealth room, and standard therapy meeting rooms. The exterior features a playground, gardening space, and a large lawn, all secured by a large fence, allowing youth to explore and enjoy time outdoors safely.

The ultimate goal of the facility is to reunite children with their families and strengthen family structures. To this end, the facility features an ‘apartment’ for families to stay during the reunification process. The space, a studio equipped with a full bathroom, living space, and kitchenette, will allow families to focus on their therapeutic needs rather than making travel arrangements.

This innovative facility will serve as a beacon of hope and care for foster children with behavioral healthcare needs – a group that commonly slips through the cracks of our social service institutions.

Project Details


Boardman, OR


12,855 SF
14 beds


Community Counseling Solutions


Behavioral Health
Residential Treatment Facility