A Facility Transformation

BASX Solutions, a leader in product development, precision design and manufacturing, and has built its success upon a genuinely innovative approach to custom engineered products. Thus, when BASX came to Pinnacle for the retrofitting of its newly acquired office and plant space in Redmond, the charge was clear – design an industrial area that would allow BASX to advance its core philosophy of maintaining precision standards while pursuing innovation.

Pinnacle worked with BASX to transform a previous Walmart facility into a full-service manufacturing and assembly plant. The single-story 172,000 SF space was modernized with new heating and ventilation systems. The front area of the facility was re-purposed with native elements and materials for personnel offices and client engagement. BASX now has a thriving space that accommodates the precision engineering and product demands of its customers ranging from high tech, construction, military, and healthcare fields. Pinnacle continues to support BASX as their building needs updating due to changing production.

Project Details


Redmond, OR


172,000 SF


BasX Solutions



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