Nova the Dog Image

Director of Employee Relations, Central Oregon

As Director of Employee Relations of Pinnacle, Nova focuses on employee morale and security. She’s one of the first to the office and helps her dad brew the first pot of coffee. Nova greets each employee with a sniff and a snuggle to begin the day stress-free. After a busy morning of welcoming staff and cruising the office, she enjoys an afternoon nap and a game of fetch. When dog guests come to the office, she’s the first to make them feel welcome and encourages collaboration. Daily, Nova provides receptionist support and ongoing employee morale. You’ll often find Nova laying on her back (to encourage belly scratches!) and practicing her trick skills for afternoon treats.

Facts about Nova

  • Joined Pinnacle: 2020
  • Years of experience: 2
  • Office Location: Bend
  • Education: Baer Training Company
  • Associations: Playing Association of America