Mallory Fair Headshot

Amber Dorsey
Interior Designer

Amber is a highly skilled and accomplished interior designer who places a strong emphasis on delivering top-quality work. With her exceptional communication abilities, she delights in working with clients to understand their unique goals for each project. Amber’s expertise spans all facets of interior design, from meticulous material selection to proficient construction administration. Among her passions is crafting construction documents with keen attention to detail. Having garnered extensive design experience in both commercial and residential projects, Amber also has an impressive military career in Logistics that lends to her organization skills. Her expertise is further bolstered by her role as an educator, where she has taught college-level interior design courses. A friendly, collaborative, and approachable nature makes Amber an invaluable asset to Pinnacle’s project team.

Amber brings an invaluable spark of joy to the Pinnacle team – flourishing any conversation with compassion and fun anecdotes. When she is not working, she enjoys dancing, crocheting, hiking, gardening, and playing word games. You can likely find her spending time with her husband and daughter or caring for her bevy of pets, including dogs Nadja and Franki Cheeseburger, and cats Aradia and Samuel.

Facts about Amber

  • Joined Pinnacle: 2023
  • Years of experience: 16
  • Office Location: Portland
  • Education: BS Interior Design, The Art Institute of Portland
  • Awards:
    Hero of the Battlefield Award, National Training Center
    National Defense Service Medal, US Army
    Service Ribbon, US Army
    Achievement Medal, US Army