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Yuko Mino joined Pinnacle in 2020 as a Project Designer. She loves to design and work collaboratively with her clients. During the day, she’s digging into project details; in the evening, she’s spending time with her busy family. Read on to learn more about her passions and adventurous nature.

First off, why did you decide to pursue architecture?

I love designing and picturing how the people will use the spaces as I design. It’s the greatest reward to see something I design become a reality.

What is your favorite project and why?

Sequoia Crossings with Salem Housing Authority is my favorite, especially since it’s the first project I’ve worked on at Pinnacle from the very beginning. Designing the site and the buildings have been fun, and the client is great to work with.

Learn more about Sequoia Crossing here.

Pinnacle’s mission is to enhance lives and communities. The projects we do every day fit this mission, but how do you connect with it personally?

Most of my project are affordable housing. Every day I touch several of these projects to get one step closer to completing the project, so that the residents can move into these spaces that they can call home.

Click here to see a sneak peek at Colonia Paz, a 140-unit farmworker community in Lebanon. Phase one opened to residents just last month.

In addition, I love to educate our next generation about the value of design. Last year, I volunteered for the first time with Architects in Schools program with AFO, Architecture Foundation of Oregon. I taught an 8-week course to elementary school children in Lake Oswego and Beaverton, some virtual and in person. It was such an amazing experience. I drafted a lesson plan, taught some basic architectural principles, and guided the students through creating a 3D model home for a fictional animal client. The experience was fulfilling for me as an architect, seeing and hearing from the students that they enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed learning about architecture. Some of them have shared with me that they want to become architects when they grow up!

Screenshot of a Pinnacle virtual meeting

Yuko presented her Architects in School experience with all staff at one of our bi-weekly virtual huddles. Pictured on the right half of the slide is her son’s project, “Tyson the T-Rex’s house.”

Pinnacle is a small firm that values its company culture. Any addition to our team must be the right fit – dedicated, creative, and collaborative. We asked Yuko a few fun questions to get to know her a little bit more:

Yuko Mino Staff ImagesWhat is your family vacation and why?

Hawaii is our favorite vacation spot. We love the warm ocean, white sand beaches, the food (especially poke), and the laid-back island vibe.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I had a weird fascination with tornadoes and the movie Twister, so I wanted to be a storm-chaser when I was young.

What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

I used to be quite the daredevil pre-kids. I’ve gone sky diving in Michigan, bungee jumping in Mexico, and paragliding over Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Post-kids, you see Yuko’s daredevil side come out in her extracurricular activities. Just a few weeks ago, Yuko participated in the Portland Spartan event, a 5k trail run with 20 crazy obstacles from climbing ropes to sloshing waist deep through mud. Our team is so proud of her accomplishment!

Do you have a hidden/special talent?

I’m a lefty, but I play tennis and golf right-handed.

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