30September 2020

CARES Act 2020: Where has the money gone?

On March 27, 2020, President Trump signed the CARES Act providing over $2 Trillion in Economic Relief. Six months later, the funds are continuing to trickle down to individuals and businesses. With 46 different funding [...]

27April 2020

A Glimpse into Pinnacle while Quarantined!

We may be quarantined and working remotely, but Pinnacle continues to fuel our company culture, find innovation in our work, and connect with our community. Pinnacle had staff working remotely in the Portland area before [...]

20March 2020

Pinnacle’s Staff and their Families Bring Joy to Seniors

Engaging our Community - Cascades of Bend This is a rough time for everyone, especially the vulnerable. Seniors at communities across the country are basically in isolation to reduce the spread and save lives. We’re [...]

19March 2020

PINNACLE PEOPLE: Featuring Mallory Fair

Mallory’s artsy and solution-driven approach to interior design is an ideal fit for Pinnacle’s project teams. Interior design is more than picking out fabrics, furniture, and color; it’s an essential part of creating a successful [...]

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