17May 2019

Using Biophilic Design Principles Inside Healthcare Spaces

Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness - Enterprise, OR Influencing Healing and Recovery with Nature…Indoors! Designing healing environments is a mix of art and science. As an Evidence-Based Design Professional, Pinnacle’s Interior Designer, Briana Manfrass studies [...]

17May 2019

Shaping Young Minds

Pinnacle's Project Manager, Ryan Cain, helped elementary students design houses for animals ranging from an anteater to an octopus. He taught the kids basic design principals over three visits. Fueling our future architects! The creations [...]

28February 2019

Adaptive Reuse – the Pinnacle of Sustainability

According to Wikipedia, adaptive reuse refers to the process of reusing an existing building for a purpose other than which it was originally built or designed. To Pinnacle, it means a great challenge. Throughout our [...]

23February 2019

PINNACLE PEOPLE: Featuring Shaun Clifford

Shaun embodies Pinnacle’s core value of collaboration. From day one, he’s jumped in on any project and continues to train and help staff daily. His great attitude and silly antics will definitely award him this [...]

25January 2019

What’s the Outlook for 2019?

Pinnacle Architecture's 2019 Outlook for Affordable Housing, Healthcare, and Senior Living By Peter Baer, Pinnacle Architecture President 2018 was a very interesting year for the country and our growing office. As our focus turns to [...]