Columbia River Community Health

Columbia River Community Health | Boardman, OR

For residents of Morrow County, Eastern Oregon, a population of more than 2,000 seasonal farm workers and nearly 4,000 individuals living 200% under the federal poverty level, most visits to the clinic involve the nurturing support of family members. In collaboration with county and local officials, Pinnacle Architecture designed an upgraded facility to provide quality, HIPAA-compliant medical care for Morrow County residents and their families.
The new Columbia River Community Health Clinic meets the general primary and outpatient care needs of Morrow County’s workers and residents. Prior to the completion of this modern health facility, the clinic had three temporary, modular buildings that were not planned to accommodate the long-term, wide-range medical needs of the community.

With the clinic’s design, Pinnacle ensured that the space protected the privacy of each visiting patient. Upgraded from the modular, make-shift triage, examination, and work areas, the Columbia River Community Health Clinic now has two medical procedure rooms, 10 exam rooms, and 20 medical provider and administration offices. Exceptional features were implemented in the improved facility: a dedicated isolation room for exam and acoustical privacy; a protective, lead-lined X-ray room; an in-house pharmacy, state-of-the-art telemedicine A/V capabilities; day lighting & occupancy light sensors, and; an upgraded exterior envelope and HVAC system. In addition, the clinic has installed anti-bacterial carpets and easy-to-clean, hygienic surfaces throughout the building to limit the spread of infection.

The Columbia River community now receives modern health care in a comfortable environment that boasts natural stone and native basalt materials. Easily accessible, located only one block away from the former clinic, the building’s upgraded interior adopts earth tones rather than polished finishes, and showcases stained rather than painted trim. The waiting rooms ensure a comfortable visit with an open reception space, and a family-friendly atmosphere now includes a separate children’s play area. Moreover, the new facility allows for private emergency access for urgent care.

Pinnacle Architecture worked with the community to design a clinic with more than twice the space of the former medical facility. The Columbia River Community Health Clinic now provides access to the quality and expedient healthcare that Morrow County residents and workers deserve.

Client: Columbia River Community Health
Size: 13,417 SF

Photo Credit: Alan Brandt Photography