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Our Story


We are anxious to share with you some exciting news that has been happening at Pinnacle Architecture! Our President Peter Baer, founder of our company over twenty years ago had just experienced two of the most successful years in our history in 2011 and 2012. Thriving, not just surviving one of the worst economic downturns of our lifetime, Peter wanted to ensure our continued long term success as a company while reaching new heights of customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

At the beginning of this year Peter invited in a strategic coach to help us solidify our current competitive advantages, unrealized strengths and key areas of focus for continuing improvement. We also were able to revisit our Vision, Mission and Value statements to achieve more clarity of purpose and greater integration into all of our internal systems, staff and customer relationships. Our new enhanced focus and stronger sense of collaborative involvement by our total team is truly exciting. As our coach states, we now have even “more horsepower” as a company to achieve the visions and needs of our customers. Perhaps our new mission statement communicates it best:

“Our purpose is to design places that enhance lives and communities. We build long term relationships, transform visions into reality and exceed expectations!”

Another positive outcome of our recent work together is that we are able to think more strategically day to day while being more flexible and nimble to meet the needs of our customers. Instead of strategic planning being “event driven” we are now performing our work with higher involvement of our total team on a day to day basis. Each team member has individual accountability areas to oversee and report on month to month. We have always had a positive work culture but we now realize even more benefits in our work environment as we are each leaders in our own way, with the mutual support of our team members.

Our corporate values went from six to three and are now fully integrated into all our internal systems and relationships and continually measured by the satisfaction of our customers.

“Integrity, Relationships and Innovation are the benchmarks of our work together.”

Specific areas of integration include our hiring and staff development practices, quality improvement initiatives, business development, public relations and marketing, project design and proposals and in the rollout of our architectural renderings and work with our customers. As our vision partially states,

“We see every day as an opportunity to earn the respect and loyalty of our clients and community through constant innovation and uncompromising integrity.”

We are already seeing positive evidence of our recent work together in 2013 for the greater benefit of our customers and in the attraction and retention of top quality talent as we continue to grow. One of our competitive advantages has always been a positive work environment that translates into positive and long term customer relationships. These positive attributes are infiltrating our day to day interactions to even a greater degree and we are sharing new stories each week of how it is increasing the level of customer satisfaction and interest in engaging our firm. In the end, it matters more to us on what our customers believe about us than what we believe about ourselves. This is at the heart of our growing excitement and mutual accountability with each other as a team.

In the coming weeks and months you will see some ongoing changes to our website, more customer testimonials, more visible evidence of our work in our local and surrounding communities and exciting input from our staff team members on what they are seeing and experiencing with regard to ongoing innovations in architecture and design that will impact the individual and varying needs of you, our customer. It is our firm belief, that as we work even more collaboratively with each other and have even more fun in doing so, you will continue to see the benefits of how quality architecture and design can indeed change lives and communities for the better! We invite and encourage you to arrange a visit with us to find out how we can turn your dreams and visions into reality!