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Pinnacle’s People

Peter Baer


Our fearless founder is one of the most caring people around—he takes the time to ask about your family…and actually listens. From starting the firm in a basement back in the days of fade haircuts and jelly shoes (the 90s to be exact) to keeping on the cutting edge of 21st-Century Architectural Design, Peter is one resourceful, visionary guy.

He has built Pinnacle on the foundation of a strong commitment to constant improvement and client satisfaction. His portfolio of work is vast and varied and the theme of enhancing communities has been a constant. Peter believes that success begins with a commitment to others, and he places a high importance on company culture and helping team members reach their full potential. His jokes and ready smiles keep the work environment light.

Besides architecture, Peter knows about a lot of things—one of his favorites is ancient history. Speaking of which, his family has been in Bend since 1917; Peter and his wife live in the house his father built way back when. With a son living in Italy and a daughter attending college in Japan, the two are preparing for an empty nest. (We assume he’s drawing up blueprints for one awesome nest!)

Mark Rossi

Project Manager/Architect

In 1997, Bachelor of Architecture graduate, Mark Rossi, was up for the task to be thrown right into the world of project management, with a variety of responsibilities and a diversity of design projects. When he started, Mark says he learned more about the practice of architecture after six months at Pinnacle than all the classes he took to gain his Bachelor and Master degrees in Architecture.

As young boy he had been enamored with architecture. He started with Lincoln Logs, moved into building tree forts and learned real life building by watching his grandpa build the family cabin. Mark was surrounded with years of knowledge from family members who worked in construction to first hand experience working for a large home building firm in Las Vegas. He’d studied hard, but also earned his chops in the “real construction world.”

With so much history at Pinnacle, second only to Peter, Mark is a wealth of knowledge and a resource for everyone on staff. He combines “old school” values with a continued willingness to grow and learn. He gets work done, and is so dedicated that he’s had to learn to let his true laid back, personality come out more in the office. Learn more about Mark’s love of fishing and background in a Q&A.

Doug Alley

Project Manager/Architect

Doug wins Pinnacle’s “Miles Traveled” and “Master Multitasker” award. He manages the majority of Pinnacle’s affordable housing projects and is pretty much on the road bi-weekly traveling all across Oregon. Doug operates on the idea that people are at the very foundation of architecture; design that is based on their input, their personalities, and their goals results in buildings and homes they will enjoy for years to come. This belief has influenced Doug’s design since he joined Pinnacle. He values the impact he’s able to have on lives through affordable housing projects and enjoys the reaction of tenants to their new living spaces. He works hard to be innovative so that even lower-budget projects result in housing with curb appeal that people can be proud to live in (check out his blog post on “10 Ways to Make Affordable Housing Look Good and Be Cost Efficient”). One of his first designs, the Crest Butte Apartments, won the Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) Excellence Award.

When not juggling multiple projects at work he’s juggling little boys at home. With two spirited toddlers, he’s got his hands full. But he’s used to it…Doug is one of 13 siblings. Now we know why he’s so good at multi-tasking! Learn more about Doug’s passion and background in a Q&A.

Briana Manfrass

Interior Designer

Where would we be without Briana? Leader, organizer, negotiator and exceptional Interior Designer, she brings an energy and drive that raises the bar, and she “wows” everyone around her. From the time she was a little girl, Briana has had a passion for design and space planning. She always knew that interior design was her dream job. Her dream became a reality when she got her degree from Portland Art Institute in 2006. She continues to grow and learn through training and earning her Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC) that makes her a specialist in healthcare design using research-based methods. While she has worked on a variety of projects, Briana focuses mainly on Pinnacle’s commercial and senior living sectors. Combining her EDAC certification and passion for educating about good design you can often find Briana speaking at national and local conferences and writing for Pinnacle’s blog and various publications.

Her life isn’t any calmer at home. Briana and her husband have a five-year-old son and toddling little girl. Combined, those two will be quite adept at making a mess of her home’s interior!

Ian Schmidt


Ian’s past is full of exciting adventures – grew up in Peru, went to school in Kansas, lived in Seattle, and is now thriving in Bend. His adventures haven’t stopped there. He has quickly become an essential design professional at Pinnacle and our go-to IT guru, and Revit master. Yes, a man who wears many hats! With a true passion for helping others, Ian doesn’t view his position as “just a job” he believes the work he does at Pinnacle is promoting better lives for those that live or visit our projects. His attention to detail, ability to teach and mentor, and tech savvy nature has elevated Pinnacle’s ability to be innovative. His motto is, “do a good job” and that permeates everything he does.

When not saving the world, one project at a time, he’s baking or rock climbing. He’s an avid cyclist, backpacker, and kayaker exploring all that Central Oregon has to offer.
Learn more about Ian in his Q&A.


Amy Preheim


Our bright new addition! Amy is enthusiastic, willing to help on any project, and brings a fresh design perspective to our crew. A transplant from Lake Tahoe, she’s hit the ground running at Pinnacle working on everything from a behavioral health clinic to an indoor trampoline park. In Amy’s past life at Spirit Tahoe Interior Design she was part of a small team focused on the interior design of high-end homes and commercial businesses.

In just a short amount of time, Amy has really permeated some fun into everyday life at Pinnacle. As our firm’s champion of corporate culture, she reminds us all to take a small break and celebrate the little things. One such day was National Punch Day (that would be the drink, not the act of violence!) with a fruity concoction that gave our team a mid-day sugar rush for productivity. Learn more about Amy in a Q&A.

Margo Cartwright


Margo is the heart and soul of Pinnacle Architecture. She’s passionate about giving back and has an infectious laugh that permeates the office. From human resources and accounting to trouble shooting IT issues Margo is truly a jack of all trades. From the start, she’s helped Pinnacle lean our processes and she provides amazing, personalize customer service to our clients. Margo’s life motto, “be exactly who you were created to be, to the absolute best of your ability” is demonstrated in the openness she has with employees and the quality of her work.

When not holding down the fort at Pinnacle she enjoys running and spending time with her family and friends. Learn more about Margo in a Q&A.

Jessica Biel


City girl moves to the high desert! After spending 15 years in management at multiple global architecture firms in Seattle she picked up her family and moved to Bend to slow down and live a healthier lifestyle. She became the sole marketer at Pinnacle and she hasn’t regretted the decision once! Jessica’s passionate about learning everything she can about her clients’ business, their struggles, and what makes them shout with joy. She crafts proposals, blog posts, and newsletters to tell Pinnacle’s story.

Jessica is also mom to a spirited 5-year-old who just started Kindergarten. Yes, we saw a few tears on his first day. She’s easily assimilated to the Bend life with camping, hiking, and mountain biking. Learn more about Jessica in a Q&A.

Taylor Henegar


As Director of First Impressions and Chief Get’r Done Officer, Taylor greets all visitors and staff with a friendly hello and then sets to work on her task list. She’s become our go-to gal for all questions. With a background in customer service, Pinnacle is reaping the benefits of her organization and willingness to help with any job big or small. Taylor is no stranger to hard work. She worked all through college from a paraprofessional and research intern to a teacher’s assistant.

Originally from Texas, Taylor is loving the Central Oregon life with her partner and toddling 2+ year old. Learn more about Taylor in a Q&A.